A recent visit to Tooradin  turned up and absolute gem –

The Edwina May was owned by Willaim Maxwell Curtain, who was restoring this ship near the Tooradin airport, he could not find any other suitable place to work on her.

He managed to add a 6 meter section, in the middle to make her longer, then tragically his son who helped him with building boats was killed while on board another of their boats the Darwin Princess in cyclone Tracey December 25 1974. His body was never found. Max never finished the restoration and here it lies still, in the mangroves.

Legend has it that people driving past have often thought they have seen someone on board.

The Edwina May


About Christine Wilson Photography

Currently working as a nurse in Melbourne and part-time photographer
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7 Responses to Tooradin

  1. Jim Worrall says:

    Excellent results Chris, well done.


  2. Nickinator says:

    Hey Christine,
    I read this whilst researching the Edwina May before going out to photograph her, I’m an explorer of abandoned places, I’m not much of a photographer, but I thought you’d like to see what she looks like up close and personal, and say thanks for giving me the info,


  3. silvano jung says:

    Hi Christine, I’m researching Cyclone Tracy shipwrecks and thought that ‘Edwina May’ was lost in Darwin. Is this another ‘Edwina May’ or the same vessel erroneously believed lost in Darwin?


    • Judi Nicholson says:

      I am interested in the Edwina May because I have 2 different accounts for the ship with the same name. I believed the Edwina May was in Darwin when Cyclone Tracy struck but didn’t sink -our family always believed this. In 2007 I found information that said she sunk during the cyclone after hitting the ferry Mandorah Queen and sunk under Stoles Hill Wharf. Recent information from the Department of Transport in the Northern Territory informs me that she was being refurbished in Tooradin. I am therefore confused. I admit that the Tooradin wreck looks to have the type of design my father AJ Dinning built at our Anderson Road Thornbury Victoria property and was named after my mother. She would have been built in the 60s. I’m also looking for another of his ships the Wendy Maree but no luck so far. So if anyone can add any more information I would be delighted to hear it. Judi Nicholson


  4. Judi Nicholson says:

    Thanks Christine. I’ve had a few conversations recently and it does look like she is one of my fathers. I can’t believe how long she has sat there!


  5. Heartafire says:

    Amazing photography…awesome!


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