Better late than Never Ever 2015

Well better late than never thought I’d better post before the end of the year , I am the worlds worst at keeping up with my blog however all photos can bee seen on my main website which is updated weekly at least , this is just a few shots that I have gathered since last post in November 2014.

DSC_0054 web DSC_0476 web DSC_0817-3 web DSC_0835-4 web DSC_1271web DSC_1363 web DSC_2211 web DSC_3471 web

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November 2014

Its been a while since I last posted so I thought I better upload some photos I have been working on recently. these latest 4 shots taken a few months ago in Kirth Kiln Regional Park in Victoria near Gembrook.Taken in the very early hours of the morning, when we arrived it was pitch black, and extremely foggy, it was super cold but beautiful at that hour.

DSC_5029 web

DSC_5116 web

DSC_5213 web

.DSC_5194 web

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Newport Workshop and R707

DSC_5568 web DSC_5585-2 web DSC_5626-2 web DSC_5636-4 web DSC_5702 web DSC_5665 web

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New Zealand 2008/09

DSC_1926 webRimutaka RangesDSC_1937-2 web

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Mentone Beach

Winter on Mentone Beach, Melbourne

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Sanatorium Lake and Macedon Regional Park

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New Zealand

Petone Beach a popular place a the weekends and a great dog walking beach

Rimutaka Hill – can be a treacherous drive at times especially in bad weather

my drive over was plagued by heavy rain and mist. this hill connects the city and the Hutt

Valley with the Wairarapa

Evans Bay ,Wellington


Wellington Railway station

Oriental Bay ,Wellington

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Point Nepean – Fort

Fort Nepean contains a number of fortifications built from the 1880’s through to the World War 1 and World War 2. Displays and audiovisuals are located in different areas around the park and tell the story of how strategic this area was in the defense of Australia. The  quarantine station is also situated in the park and I have added photos of this under a different post.

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A recent visit to Tooradin  turned up and absolute gem –

The Edwina May was owned by Willaim Maxwell Curtain, who was restoring this ship near the Tooradin airport, he could not find any other suitable place to work on her.

He managed to add a 6 meter section, in the middle to make her longer, then tragically his son who helped him with building boats was killed while on board another of their boats the Darwin Princess in cyclone Tracey December 25 1974. His body was never found. Max never finished the restoration and here it lies still, in the mangroves.

Legend has it that people driving past have often thought they have seen someone on board.

The Edwina May

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Quarantine – Point Nepean

The quarantine station at Point Nepean established in the early 1850’s housed  many passengers affected by yellow fever.

The  ‘Ticonderga’  left England eighty days before arriving at Point Nepean, with eight hundred and eleven people on board. Because of the lack of the most necessary amenities and over crowding, fever developed amongst the passengers, resulting in 96 deaths during the voyage.

On her arrival at Portsea on November 6th 1852, the survivors were quarantined, their numbers being so great that tents had to be erected to provide accommodation. Here a further 82 of the ships passengers died.

Labour to dig the graves was also unavailable, and the  bodies were placed vertical in recesses in the cliff face and the overhanging bank was then broken away, the resulting landslide burying them.

Many of the present building of the Point Nepean Quarantine Station were begun in 1856. The quarantine station is now a national park, where visitors can visit the Point Nepean Fort and the Quarantine Station Museum.

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